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Known for her acclaimed work with media art / pop band Pentatones and a back catalogue of collaborations that reads like the who’s-who of underground electronic dance music,

Delhia de France has been forging her solo career between Berlin and LA over the last 2 years.

The writer, producer and performer has released her solo debut EP Moirai in 2018. Co-produced with renowned artist Robot Koch,

with whom Delhia has been working closely over the years, the EP saw support by Spotify, XL8R, Clash Magazine and Kaltblut Magazine.

Creating a sonically as well as visually stunning world Delhia collaborates with talented visionaries for her artwork as well as on stage.

_press quotes

“..a voice like a sequined razor blade”

Raw Ramp UK

“There is something about the darkness of the music and the lightness of her voice and delivery that is undeniably sultry and sexy – like a siren from another plain.”

Higherplain Music UK

_upcoming shows

Feb, Petite Ermitage, Los Angeles, USA tbc

March 12-17th, SXSW, Austin Texas USA tbc

May 18th, Liquid Sound Full Moon Concert, Bad Sulza GER

May 24th, Fulldome Festival, Planetarium Jena GER

_past live shows excerpt

SXSW Festival, USA

RBMA Weekender Warsaw, PL

Soundup Festival Moscow, RU

Splash Festival, GER

Fusion Festival, GER

Ars Electronica, A

Stekker Fest, NL

Festival de Beschaving, NL

Festival a/d Werft, NL


Schauspielhaus Leipzig with Pentatones & MDR Sinfonia Orchestra

Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

Watergate Berlin

Berghain Kantine, Berlin

KaterBlau, Berlin

AstraStube, Hamburg

Muffathalle Winterfest, München

Täubchenthal, Leipzig

_disco excerpt

Delhia de France - Moirai EP - Trees and Cyborgs Rec

Adriatique ft. Delhia de France - Tachykardia - from Nude LP - Afterlife Rec

Robot Koch & Savannah Jo Lack ft Delhia de France - Heart As A River - Single and LP Particle Fields - Trees and Cyborgs Rec

Fur Coat ft. Delhia de France - Desire Of Mine - Interstellar EP - Watergate Rec

Steve Bug ft. Delhia de France - Til Its Gone - Pelican Glide EP - Pokerflat

Robot Koch ft. Delhia de France - Dark Waves - Hypermoment LP - Monkeytown Rec

Douglas Greed ft. Delhia de France - My Mind Is A Monkey - Driven LP - BPitch Rec

Pentatones - What If - EP - Lebensfreude Rec

Pentatones - Ouroboros - LP - Lebensfreude Rec

Pentatones - Determiner EP - Freude am Tanzen Rec

Deadbeat ft. Delhia de France - Rage Against The Light - Walls and Dimensions LP - Blkrtz Rec

T.Raumschmiere ft. Delhia de France - Dampfer - Bonustrack on Vinyl LP - AlbumLabel Rec

Robag Wruhme ft Delhia - K.T.B. - Freude am Tanzen EP / Sonarkollektiv Single